vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister “Making PEOPLE partaking in the GOVERNANCE”

Through the activities of the board, it is ultimately aims to implement several structural reforms in Education, Policy and Governance, by addressing the challenges such as accessibility, quality, equity and accountability in the ‘Education – Execution’ eco system. For this, stake holders of HEI viz., Students, Staff and Teachers will be involved to compile the feedback, felt needs and generating feasible solutions, preparing action plans for the solutions and to submit the consolidated periodical reports to the Government of Andhra Pradesh through BCDE authorities.

  • "Board for Community Development through Education" is a ‘brain child’ of Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri. Y.S.JAGAN MOHAN REDDY, with a long term vision to make the “development” as a continuous process in the state of Andhra Pradesh by making educated youth a comprehensive learners and socially conscious and being socially responsible. The board through the activities, performs the capacity building of the educated youth in the field of “Community Development” through awareness programmes, trainings, projects,interacting with government agencies, NGO representatives, The CM believes strongly in “making PEOPLE partaking in GOVERNANCE”.

    In order to achieve this, he has personally selected Shri. Nedurumalli Ramkumar as Chairman for BCDE accorded him a Cabinet Rank.
    The ‘Board for Community Development through Education’ established by G.O.Ms.No.62 dt.29.10.2021 of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
    It is headed by a CHAIRMAN with a Cabinet Rank.Supported by a Secretary and CEO
    APSCHE shall assist the Board for Community Development through Education to take up the activities through HEIs. Human resources of the Colleges and Universities and volunteers of village secretariat can also be utilized.