vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister “Making PEOPLE partaking in the GOVERNANCE”

  • Shri. Y.S.JAGAN MOHAN REDDY Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is having long term vision for the Development of Andhra Pradesh. Making youth instrumental in developmental activities like planning, identifying felt needs of the community, providing opportunity for them to propose feasible solutions by innovative ideas and using latest science and technological interventions, implementing them locally by local bodies or by the State Government, is the cyclic process leads for continuous development of the community.

    “Quality Education is the valuable ASSET, that we can provide to the Children” was popular commitment of the Hon’ble Chief Minister. To make it possible, he earmarked considerable budget for upgrading the infrastructure at the Government Schools under “NADU-NEDU’ programme. Several academic reforms have been implemented at Higher Education system. One of such reform is including ‘Community Service Project’ as mandatory course for each student undergoing higher education in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
    Through this mandatory community service project, invariably all the students will think about some social issue, examines it, understands the relevant causes and effects, tries to propose feasible solutions. During this process he/she gets social awareness automatically and by thinking towards proposing feasible solution and implementing them makes them socially responsible in due course of time. Such positive transformation in the mind-set of the youngsters will pave a long way towards community development and betterment of the society.