Shri. N.Chandra Babu Naidu Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is having long term vision for the Development of Andhra Pradesh. Making youth instrumental in developmental activities like planning, identifying felt needs of the community, providing opportunity for them to propose feasible solutions by innovative ideas and using latest science and technological interventions, implementing


"Board for Community Development through Education" is a ‘brain child’ of Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri. N.Chandra Babu Naidu, with a long term vision to make the “development” as a continuous process in the state of Andhra Pradesh by making educated youth a comprehensive learners and socially conscious and being socially responsible. The board through the activities,


Board for Community Development through Education” is an entity of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh established in 2021, with an aim of bringing positive transformation with respect to development parameters, in the community, by involving students of Higher Education Institutions, Government functionaries, like minded NGOs, Industries, Scientific & Research Organizations and local public.

OBJECTIVESBCDE authorities make PEOPLE partake in the GOVERNANCE

  • To get feedback from the various stakeholders of the Community on wide variety of issues in the state of AP
  • To interact with representatives of the various bodies or associations working for the welfare of the people belongs to different spectrum of society, to get feedback on Govt schemes, suggestions for improving the Governance in the state.
  • To create awareness to the students of Andhra Pradesh in particular to Higher Education Institutions on different development aspects of the Community.
  • To encourage all the stakeholders viz., University / College Teachers, Students, representatives of NGOs, Government functionaries, Industries, Research Wings, Service Organizations to contribute with their action plans, concept papers, documentaries, handouts, flowcharts, suggestion notes towards the transformation of community to attain better position with respect to sustainable development.


CHAIRMAN’s VISIONGenuine feed back to Government

STATE BOARDThe Board for Community Development through Education(BCDE)

is Chaired by a State Level Body consisting of reputed personalities in various fields is involved in policy making and in giving suggestions to implement the action plan.

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Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education shall assist the BCDE to take up the surveys,, build the required database through the involvement of educational institutions ...

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BCDE University Team will be Chaired by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Co-Chaired by Registrar, supported by Dean CDC, Coordinated by BCDE University Coordinator...

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BCDE College Team will be Chaired by Principal, Co-Chaired by Vice Principal, supported by Heads, Coordinated by BCDE College Coordinator.Each College shall appoint a dedicated staff member...

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BCDE State Team led by Chairman BCDE, co-ordinated by Secretary and CEO shall plan, direct the activities and disseminate the required content to all the BCDE University Coordinators...

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